About us

AMAL d.o.o. was established in 1991 with the purpose of providing a complete range of products for protection of surfaces in construction. This involves protection and renovation of floors, walls, façades, for all concrete, cement, stone, wood and metal surfaces.

We have had excellent results in the private construction and renovations sector, as well as in the industrial development sector. Besides the Slovenian market we also have a good presence in foreign markets.

Since 2000 we have had our own production and private brand of two part epoxy resin floor coatings, HERPELIN. In 2009 we developed HERPELIN AB with antibacterial features.
Quality products produced in our own facilities allow for simple use and long-lasting quality of treated surfaces. The key to our success is our excellent team of layers, as well as our contractors. In collaboration with our German partners we have developed a process of production and installation of floor coatings in all types of buildings in the electronic, automobile, food and beverages, pharmaceutical industry, as well as in hospitals, garages, warehouses and auxiliary facilities.
Our quality products and services have won us the certificate of quality in construction in 2009. During the course of your visit, our employees will ask themselves: “How can we help you?”
We will share with you our experience, to help you achieve success.



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